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Tutorial: How to composite an illustration with a photo in Photoshop

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Learn how to quickly and easily combine a hand-painted illustration with a photographic background in Adobe Photoshop.


Why 2014 has been an awesome year for Mustard Seed Creative

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Wishing one and all a very blessed Christmas! May your holidays be filled with peace and joy, whether you are with loved ones, or simply chilling and enjoying some much needed…

Is it getting harder to succeed in the creative industry?

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Every creative artist’s dream is to work for a client or agency who trusts in their talent and taste, who respects their professional judgement, and of course, pays on time….

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Why good design is all about usability

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We’ve heard it a said a million times: Form follows Function. Beauty on its own—style without substance—simply does not last. Find out what we’ve learned about design from… a tissue box!